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Hey y'all. Well, I see that this community isn't very active, but oh well, it is still a Kids In The Way community.

My name is Savannah. I live in the Columbus, Ohio area and am a freshman at the Ohio State University. I am absolutely in LOVE with Kids In The Way. I have seen them three times in concert and met them personally twice. They are awesome guys.....and I adore Rian, their new bassist (and I obviously adore the rest of them). He is extremely nice.

They are coming to Canal Winchester, Ohio, on June 18th with the Wedding. I had a difficult time deciding between that show and Warped Tour because they are unfortunately on the same day. I chose Warped Tour because well, Dead Poetic, Senses Fail, and Underoath (along with some other incredible bands) are going to be there. Plus, I know Kids In The Way will be here again soon (I have seen them three times within a year's time).

Well, God Bless you all!!!

By the way, if any of you are on Myspace, make sure you add Kids In The Way. All the guys have their own accounts (but I don't think Nathan does). Rian always advertises his and his mom's accounts.

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