Hannah Paige (my_2nd_chance) wrote in weare_fans,
Hannah Paige


Are any of you guys going to be at Cornerstone Festival?
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I'm hoping to go to it. Some of my friends are possibly going to go, but I don't know what's up with their plans right now.
When exactly is it?
June 29th-July 3rd...

If you go there I should give you a pic of me so you can look for me at the KITW show
that would be cool. I'm gonna write it on my calendar. I hope I can go!
Pics of me can be found at my photobucket account. The link to it is in my user profile.
Any pics can be sent to my email, which is purplejedi881@msn.com.
Hope to see you there!
I wish I could go!

i'm going to be there